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Autogas adjustment

Software diagnostics and ECU setup

A well-tuned control unit-computer system that controls the entire system is essential for stable and economical operation of the car on autogas.

Auto gas Kotlajić Čačak has original devices and interface obtained from the manufacturer of auto gas equipment: PRINS, LANDIRENZO, AC STAG, AEB.

Diagnosis and calibration

Diagnosis and calibration of the entire autogas system in relation to the petrol computer with the device of a certain manufacturer of autogas equipment (PRINS, LANDIRENZO, AC STAG, AEB...)

This setting can also be routine as a check of the existing condition, all the way to extremely complicated and extensive tuning where it is necessary to drive the vehicle in all load modes and thus bring the sequential gas system completely accurate in relation to the gasoline. It is very important to adjust the vehicle correctly, because the new generation of cars from most world manufacturers does not tolerate even the slightest difference in the operation of the gas system in relation to the petrol one.

Poor and incorrect adjustment, especially automatic adjustment, results in a difficult morning start, higher fuel consumption, poor starting, uneven engine operation itd.