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Original parts and systems

Original parts and systems

All installed components and systems have manufacturer's approvals, which is a prerequisite for obtaining certificates issued by the competent services.


Homologation is a type of product certification through product type approval if it complies with the relevant regulations. Approval of vehicles, vehicle parts, assemblies or separate technical units according to the ECE regulations of the United Nations ensures that the relevant requirements related to safety and environmental impact are met. The goal of homologation is to increase the general traffic safety and reduce the unwanted impact on the environment.

Manufacturers of vehicles and equipment must homologate products for which there is a regulation on homologation in order to legally sell them on the market. In this way, the market is protected from untested products, but also barriers to international trade are removed, because the homologation granted in one country is recognized in all countries that are signatories to the 1958 Agreement.

We have only spare parts and systems from original manufacturers: PRINS, LANDIRENZO, AC STAG, AEB with Homologation in the original packaging.